Cat Toy Ball Track Tower

Product description:

  • HIGH SPEED WITH FOUR BALLS: When your love cat touch the ball. The ball will spinning can improve the fun of game in life.
  • MENTAL FUN: If you too busy to accompany with your cute cat, you cam use the cat toy ball track tower for make some mental fun to the cat. And your cat will play with the toy all day.
  • MORE HEALTH TO LOVE CAT: If you buy the cat toy ball track to your pet in case it decrease the risk of illness.( kidney stone,obesity)
  • MORE SAFE AND DURABLE: The cat toy ball tower will not hurt you cat’s claws,more anti-collsion

Installation steps of cat turntable:

  1. open the package and flip the base
  2. anti-skid pad facing down, align with round mouth
  3. Adjust the alignment buckle position
  4. After the four buckles are aligned, press hard
  5. take out the balls and put them into the orbit
  6. After installation, start playing with your lovely cat


  • Anti-skid bottom: four anti-skid pads are designed on the bottom of the cat-teasing plate to make it more stable and prevent the cat from rolling and hitting.
  • PP plastic: PP plastic non-toxic pollution, cats can play directly, practical high, will not destroy the furniture in the home.
  • Removable design: easy to carry and quick cleaning, cleaning every small detail of the location.
  • different track play in four-layer space: the speed change from low to high four layers of ball makes the cat more focused and more interesting.
  • outdoor cat activities good choice: portable cat turntable, put on the comfortable natural grass, let the cat more happy to play.


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